About Us


PYTCO is a manufacturer of carbon steel pipe with longitudinal welded by electrical resistance. (EW-HFW).

It was founded in 1998 by Mexican industrialists with more than 30 years experience in the manufacturing of steel pipe and structurals shapes. It has 6 pipe forming mills with high technology welding and finishing equipment.

It is located in Frontera, Coahuila, close to AHMSA, Mexico’s most important steel producer and our main steel supplier.

This proximity and our close technical relationship allow to us operate with effective delivery times and high quality monitoring since we are a company focused on the benefits of our customers.

Our main goal to satify the needs of the following industries: oil, mining,construction, potable water, sanitation, and electricity.

Nowadays we have a monthly capacity of 18,000 metric tons . Our facilities are comformed by 220,000 square meters.

Our products range goes from ½” to 10 ¾” nominal diameter and from 0.042” to 0.375” wall thickness. These products can be finished as square and rectangular pipe.

We are the only pipe producers in Mexico that uses inline AMALOG equipment, providing electromagnetic inspection on 100% of the pipe body and weld to insure the internal and external quality.

We also have 2 hot dip galvanizing lines and one more aditional line for electrolytical process.

Shipping our products to the US, Canada, Colombia, Costa Rica, and Ecuador, from where our material is exported to Europe, guarantees the quality of our brand.